Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Doctor Appointments, Contract, & Sickness

Monday, August 8, 2011
Doctor Appointments, Contract, & Sickness
So last week I was spotting so I called the doctor and they want me to come in Tuesday!! I am super excited! Now, instead of waiting until the 18th to go to the doctor  we get to go tomorrow!! WOO HOO!! They won't be able to hear the baby but we will be able to see it and see its heart beating.

Yesterday I took senior volleyball photos. After shooting for three hours, I thought I was going to die. I felt miserable. I think I got too hot, mixed with not eating enough. Oh it was terrible. As soon as I got home, I went straight to bed. Yuck! I didn't feel much better this morning. I hope this isn't the beginning of feeling terrible.

Today I went and signed my contract with College Station ISD. Pretty depressing- money wise. Hopefully I will love it enough it wont matter. Also, today I got my stitches out. I came home and slept for 2 hours, still feeling pretty icky. We took the weekly photo today. I am not a huge fan of it but I'll put it up anyways. I am sure we will take another one tomorrow after the doctor and we know exactly how far along we are.

Breaking the News

Monday, August 8, 2011
Telling The Parentals
I haven't written in a few days because we have been super busy! We got up Saturday morning and headed to visit Kason & Carla for the day. After spending the day with them we drove to Kingwood to break the news. We got to Kingwood around 9:15ish and I told Mom I found Dad some positive encouragement/motivation. Well I give him the bag and he opens it and holds it up and immedietly gets it and starts laughing. Grandma was laughing like I have never heard. I will never forget how happy Grandma was. I haven't seen her laugh like that since before Grandpa died. Mom, on the other hand didnt get it. She said its just motivation Mark. I turn to her and said, "Mom!! Boobear is having a baby bear!" and then once it registered with her, she freaked out saying "Youre pregnant? You're pregnant?" and laughing. Of course,  they all three start telling me what I need to eat and what I can't eat. I am so happy we told them.


Friday, August 5, 2011
Yesterday my friend Hailey (whom I told about the baby) brought over a sweet present. She is so sweet. We have just started to be friends and I already love her. I have been praying for a good christian girl to be friends with and here comes Hailey. We talked and hung out and even cried together about our faith and how God takes care of us. Oh I just love her already.  Here is what she got the baby- I cried when I saw the card- it was the first thing that says, "Mom" on it.  I also took some photos of a few things I have picked up.

her sweet card with the book I bought today

the onsie I bought to tell my parents (since my dad calls me boobear)

sweetest lovey from Hailey- its a blanket with a bear head

bought this last year- I couldnt pass it up I mean hello! 

onsies from Hailey- aren't they adorable!? 

onsie I bought for Justin- they didn't have one that said I love my daddy that was gender neutral

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day Two & Three

Tuesday August 2, 2011
Is this really happening?
Last night I could not get comfortable. I don't think it was the baby as much as it was my nerves. I got in bed and cried. I don't know why- they weren't sad tears just tears! LIKE OMG! It still hasn’t sunk it. I went for a walk last night before bed and when I got home my tummy was cramping. I looked online and it said that was very common and when you think about everything that is happening inside.
This morning I got up and called the St. Joesph Express Clinic and asked if they could just do a blood test to confirm pregnancy. They said YUP! So I went to get my blood tested. They said I could have results as early as tonight or as late as tomorrow morning. Daddy is still gone but should be home tomorrow. I think I might start some laundry and take a nap.
Again, I keep telling myself...WHAT!? I'm pregnant??? 5:40pm- The office called at 3 and told me the news. I am DEFIANTLY pregnant! EKKKK I cried the whole way to the office. Pure joy but at the same time pure fear. SCARY! I love this little baby already and so does Justin. Speaking of Justin, he thought it was dumb for me to go get my blood taken because I should just wait till the doctors appointment. Ummmm...I could NOT wait till the 18th! Anyway, when I called me I told him that this was exactly why I wanted to go because I couldn't wait for two weeks thinking things and he said oh no what happened!? And I said they called and said I am defiantly pregnant. His response. "Whoa" Then he laughed a little and said I guess we are having a baby. I said do you believe me now!? He said he thought I was but the blood test makes it real. So true. It is growing right now! CRAZY! WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! That is what we said before we hung up- WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! I am going to dinner with a new friend I met at the dermatologist office tonight. It will be so hard for me not to say anything!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011
Another Day 
So I am sure once school starts and I have to go to work I won't be writing every day but I figured why not while I can? But I also figured if I start writing now I might be more inclined to keep writing each day because I have already started. Last night was terrible. I went and ate with Hailey and when I got home I felt so nausea. Just gross so I got ready for bed around 9:30. I ended up watching tv laying in bed till 10:30 but when I went to sleep it was short lived. I woke up every two hours. In all honesty it wasn't that bad but its like oh great...this is what is coming! So at 8 this morning I got up and ate breakfast and then went and laid back down in the bed. However, couldnt go back to sleep. My lower stomach has a dull pain constantly. I finally got up and made some appointments for Pip (groomer and vet). I dont feel wonderful, but I feel okay. I'm going to try and vacuum and start some laundry so when J gets home the house will be clean. : ) So this afternoon I went and bought Your Pregnancy Week By Week. I started reading it already and have caught up to Week 4. Now I have to wait till Monday to read Week 5. : ) However, they have in the book a chart to complete your weight gain so I figured I would go ahead and do it in this book instead of in the book.  

Right After We Found Out

Monday, August 1, 2011
Let the Journey Begin
I just took the pregnancy test. I took one last Wednesday and it was negative but I figured it was still too early. Well I waited and waited for the little fairy to arrive and when she hadn't come three days after I expected her I took another test. This morning. Well Justin took Ny'Quil last night because he was stuffy and had trouble sleeping. I woke up at 8 because I had to pee so bad and knew this was my chance. I peed on the stick and two lines appear- one strong, one faint. However, I am an idiot and threw away the box that tells you if you need two lines or a plus sign. Immedietly I google-troned CVS brand pregnancy test. Well I couldn't find anything. I tried to wake up Justin to tell him and he was so crazy from the Ny'Quil he told me it was faulty and it was the afternoon. Apparently NyQuill makes Justin crazy.
So I jumped in the car and ran to CVS where I purchased a 3 pack of First Response. I came home, downed some water and peed on a stick for the second time in an hour. I was worried since it wasn't my "first morning pee" that it wouldnt show. Oh it showed alright. Two lines. And on a first response two lines means PREGNANT! I am panicing. In a good way. I finally brought Justin around and he was excited and we just laid on the bed looking at the test, discussing dr. appts, doctors, etc. I am in such a panic! I want to tell people so I can talk about it with someone but I am not going to tell anyone until I have gone to the doctor.  Let the journey begin...
Okay so since I wrote that Justin and I freaked out together a little bit. : ) Some tears, some laughter, some of Justin already telling me that I was going crazy! I called the doctor and we set up an appointment to do blood work and have an ultrasound on August 18th. UGH! I have to wait 18 days to hear your little heart beat! Justin had to leave for a job but before he did we took the very first pictures.
After pictures J left for a job and I left to go get some books. I got What to Expect when Expecting and Eating Well When You're Expecting. After getting books, I went to Target and walked through the whole baby section. It was almost overwhelming- so much stuff! I bought a brown newborn onsise that says, "Mommy & Daddy love me" - They didn't have any that say "Daddy loves me"- thats what I wanted. I wanted to find something gender neutral. I also picked up this cute sleeper to possibly tell my parents. I have always been "boobear" and so I got a sleeper that has little bears on it with a little bear face on the butt and little bears on the toes. Lastly, I bought some super cute white shoes. I know you may be a boy but they were on sale for $1.98. How could I pass it up!? Plus you will be an easter baby. : )
Without further ado- here is what I look like right now. Apx. 4 weeks excatly. We will see more specifics once we go to the doctor.